Monday, October 25, 2010

Dealing With Anger...

To my followers,
Occasionally, there are issues and circumstances in my life that put me in a very fowl state of mind. Sometimes I react... in one fashion or another. Usually I vent my frustrations online, either on my blog, Facebook, Twitter or wherever. My remarks can range from snide to very very disturbing... sometimes to the point where readers (who have little to no idea what I'm talking about) are ready to contact my local authorities.

I can offer no reasonable excuse for this behavior, but I'm not apologizing for anything either. I'm only human, so I'm entitled to verbal outbursts if that's what it takes to cool my rage. I think it's healthier for myself and all involved if I vent my anger in cyberspace as opposed to settling my disputes in an off-line confrontation.

The point to this post:
Whenever I have acted-out in ANY electronic forum... I have NEVER stated any intent to bring psychical harm to any real-life individual, nor have I threatened to perpetrate any criminal acts. In reality, I am a very reasonable/civil person. I have never served a day in any Correctional Institution, and I have no intentions of starting now...

No comment or post I submit online should be taken seriously, nor as a threat to any person or parties.

Over time, I have gotten better at finding more positive means to channel my aggressions and I'll continue to make strides in this manner.

Thank You for reading.